To increase market share growth of ACTEON products including SOPROLIFE and SOPROCARE cameras, NEWTRON® ultrasonic products and AIR-N-GO® air polisher through educational events.

Support growth of Monarch Infection Protection products, Spectra Caries Detection and cameras.

With our congruent mission to prevent, stop, and reverse the decay process and to increase market share growth CariFree Treatment System through education events.

Crown Seating donates to each speaking event a branded DentalCodeology operator stool to the group hiring Patti.

To bring brand awareness and market growth to Curaprox products, ITOP Seminars and the BOB score to the U.S. market.

Beckmer Products is dedicated to alternative hands-free solutions to data entry, challenging the dental and medical industry. This was furthered with the creation of the D4346 calculator and recent distribution agreement with Blue Boa.

GC America supports the role of dentistry in supporting medical treatment giving the ability and the energy for life which is directly linked to the enhancement of quality of life. GC aims to continually strive to realize the century of health though product and service excellence.

Lexicomp online donates to each speaking event a 1 year subscription to the group hiring Patti.

To increase market share growth of MouthWatch intra-oral cameras and the TeleDent™ to help dentists, practices, specialists and public health programs easily and effectively add the benefits of teledentistry into their workflow.

To increase market awareness and market share in alignment with Perio Protect purposes to promote knowledge, understanding and unique treatments of the oral biofilms responsible for periodontal infections causing gingivitis and periodontitis minimizing surgery or antibiotics whenever possible.

To identify and create initial market awareness in dentistry for the DCA Vantage Analyzer point-of-care system to dentistry to assist in monitoring glycemic control and detection of early kidney disease.

To increase market awareness and market share in alignment Young Dental’s mission to provide the dental community with high-value, innovative products that reflect the professionalism of the industry,

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