6/19/2020 Need Your Help with Resting My Brain

There is no doubt Covid has created chaos for all of us. As some of you know and for those of you that don’t, about 7 weeks ago, I had a stroke. So, I am having a crazy unpredictable time within the greater unpredictable world of Covid.

After 7 days in the hospital, I was sent home and told to rest my brain. You get this monthly Smart Bulletin because you a BOH Insider, have been in one of my courses or bought my books. The idea of resting my brain is a foreign concept. Once again, my trusty Patti Beeson (Patti B) came to my aid.

My bond with Patti B isn’t as long as some people might think if you have seen our work together. We are both RDH but that’s about it; as is Lindsey, our third principle in Beyond Oral Health. I am the BOH Chief ‘Visionary’ Officer, Lindsey is our Chief ‘Fresh Perspective’ Officer and Patti B is Director of ‘Keepin’ It Real’. Patti B keeps me grounded.

Patti B and I stopped our clinical careers a few years ago and agree that we have a deep level of admiration of all that it takes to be a clinician in the time of Covid.

Patti B’s words for resting my brain were that I need to pretend my house is a giant motorhome. For 17 years, my husband and I traveled all 50 states and 5 provinces in Canada in our motorhome (no we didn’t drive to Hawaii or Alaska). We took the entire month of August off-yes 17 years of a month off! What Patti B was saying to me was I needed to kick back into my relaxed reading a bunch of books mode.

Our original bond was books. We shared the love to same type of novels, mysteries, time travel books and more. We used to trade physical books but when she got a Kindle, I had to also. We still share that love of books. I am not talking classical literature or that type of reading but kicking back relaxing type.

It has further evolved to binge watching similar Netflix and other programs. Some of my favorites include a fantastic series Patti B introduced me to: Outlander. It is now in its 6th Season on Starz but Patti B and read the entire series of books.

I also recently binged on Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. I texted Patti B to ask if we read these and she assured me we had read all of Sheryl woods Magnolias books.

Another Netflix binge that followed a book series we read is Virgin River. Robin Carr wrote 23 books in that series.

Tanya Dunlop from Perio Protect one of our BOH sponsors told me about books by Daniel Silva as well as a series of fun supernatural books by Elizabeth Hunter. The first one I read was Suddenly Psychic: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel-Patti B is reading it now.

My brain won’t allow me to read much heavy reading like the CDC updated guidelines or my newsletter from OSAP, even if I wanted to. My brain, heart, Patti B and all my dear friends are helping with relaxing books recommendations.

What really surprised me is my  current fascination and reading of a non-fiction book called Becoming by Michelle Obama. As a Kindle Unlimited subscribed, I usually pay nothing or at most, its $3.99. I actually paid $14.99 after the ‘sample’ pulled me in. Whatever your politics, it truly a good read as well as a poignant important message for me now-we are all becoming. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring nor do any of you. We are all in a contact state of becoming.

I finished the 214 episodes of Heartland and I need your help If you have a book, book series or binge to share with me, please contact me. My personal email is pdigangi@comcast.net We plan to make this a regular feature in this news bulletin.

This is not a book club or other organized responsibility. I know many of you are challenged by the new reality of clinical and like me, you need to rest your brain. Let’s do this together.whew time for a rest.

P.S. Got my Geek with Netflix History 101 and OMG-Ozark Season 3!

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