DentalCodeology Consortium

Patti Beeson

DentalCodelogy Executive Director

Kathy Forbes

As an advisor, my primary role with the Dental Codeology Consortium is to assist DCC members with (1) developing and/or amending dental procedure codes and (2) preparing CDT Code Action Requests for submission to the ADA Code Maintenance Committee for consideration at their annual meeting in March of each year.

Linda Jorgensen

Keeping team on track with vision, mission and goals.

Noel Paschke

Creative thinking, naming and organizer of information.

Paige Seaborg

My role involves listening to these amazing leaders, offering input, writing, and taking on tasks as needed .   

Jill Grassmick

I see my role on the advisory committee as one who aids in reviewing, suggesting, and submitting dental codes to the Dental Coding Committee, as well as to educate and assist other members of the Dental Codeology Consortium in the process of coding.