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We get it...  Coding can be confusing

From your first day as a practitioner, and every day after that you are challenged with the task of accurately coding your patients' treatment for insurance filing.  It sounds simple... but we know it's not.

Where do you go when you want answers or support?

It's tempting to turn to the groups and networks you connect with on social media... but how do you know the answers are accurate? Or the information you get is up to date?

Your cries for help and support have been heard!

We speak with thousands of dental professionals, hygienists, assistants, business professionals, and dentists too like you. The one thing everyone has in common:  They were frustrated that it wasn't easier to find the answers to their coding questions. 

 Or that they felt isolated and alone in their role in the practice. 

That's why we created an exclusive group for people just like you!


For a limited time the annual fee is just

The Insiders Group is different...

The DentalCodeology Insiders Membership Group provides up to date education, results-driven value, and an opportunity to make a difference in the world.  

A monthly brainstorming event to explore and discuss all things coding. That means, everything we do in dentistry from soup-to-nuts one topic at a time. An expert Insider lead the discussion from their area of expertise and CE credits are given.


. Insiders want to have a say in how the codes are created and this is their opportunity. The monthly consorteums proactively submit new and revisions for codes.



The 4th Monday every month, Insiders get the answers to their burning coding questions as well as important news.

Daily questions are asked on numerous Facebook groups with responses from the ridiculous to downright fraud. Insiders need a monthly Facebook Misinformation Antidote.


Between Masterminds, Insiders can ask questions and brainstorm on the private DentalCodeology Insiders Facebook page. This is a safe place to ask puzzling questions and get accurate answers.


This is HUGE! As an Insider, you get a 40% discount on all DentalCodeology books, products AND the brand-spanking new DentalCodeology Insurance Navigator courses complete with PACE AGD credit.

... and so much MORE!

Praise from raving fans!

Don't take our word for it.  Here is what some of our awesome members are saying:

Kris R. Potts, RDH, BS, FAADH

"[DentalCodeology Insiders is] a wealth of information with practical application in everyday practice! You can maximize your returns by using the proper codes, documentation, and narratives!"

Paige Seaborg, RDH, BS

"As a dental hygienist, learning through DentalCodeology has allowed me to focus on my patient's treatment needs based on their condition, and to communicate with confidence to other team members. Monthly continuing education offerings are a bonus!"

Kathy Forbes, RDH, BS, Speaker, Presenter at Professional Dental Seminars, Inc.

"Hot topics include everything about understanding and using the codes. If you think there should be some new codes, Dental Codeologists work on that, too. Your voice is heard. Every question is answered."

My name is Patti DiGangi and DentalCodeology is ...

... a word I coined.  Yes, that means I made it up.) 

It’s the study of dental codes. 

The Insiders are my grassroots army of dental professionals who are dedicated to achieving coding excellence and raising the bar on patient care. 

Insiders interact with fellow coding superheroes and access to a variety of tools and benefits. There are no one-size-fits-all, Insiders choose how much or how little you want to participate.

Patti DiGangi, 

Join DentalCodeology Insiders today and become a part of the coding excellence movement! 

For a limited time...

$129 for the year!

(that's less than the price of a monthly visit to your favorite coffee shop!)

Are you ready to raise the bar on patient care?

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