Once again, Patti gets to the point and briefs readers through the state of our current, evolving healthcare system and the fundamental importance of precision dental-medicine while thoroughly exploring and explaining coding and METRICS, all in an easy to read and kind to the eyes, pocket sized book. In addition, the supplemental perio and implant flow charts are genius, have definitely been needed and are the first of their kind that demand exploration rather than standardization.

Elicia Lupoli


I did a quick run through of your new book. Wow, you have covered everything and you have made it easy to understand and very very detailed. I loved it. Thanks for opportunity to view this great piece of work. I know everyone will get a lot of knowledge and use out of this book. It will help offices have direction with treatment planning and using the right codes.

Barbi Lynch


Patti DiGangi has done it again. This book shines on helping practices understand how important appropriate chart documentation is and not to use a procedure code to justify a higher insurance payment. It is wonderful to see that dentistry is shifting to a value based appointment and not a volume driven appointment. Patients deserve to be treated according to their own health needs, wants and desires. We are the detectives to prove health or disease. By helping teams understand this, the appropriate treatment is diagnosed and treated allowing the patient to live a happier and healthier life. –

Denise Snarski-Hearing

RDH, BS Executive Dental Coach - Fortune Management, Product Specialist - Curaprox and OralID

Patti has a unique style for breaking complex issues related to CDT procedure coding into smaller, simpler bites so any dental professional can understand. If staff understand then they can bill efficiently, which can’t help but increase revenue. Her desire to push us all into the future with evidence based metrics which support our treatment of patients is infectious! I always look forward to her next publication, and this new one does not disappoint!

Kathy S. Forbes

RDH, BS, Professional Dental Seminars, Inc., Adjunct DH Faculty at Concorde Career College, Aurora, CO

Clear. Concise. Comprehensive. 2018 Shifts provides clinicians with must have information to document services delivered and communicate with third-party payers. A great value-added bonus is the new Periodontal Protocol that will sharpen the clinicians’ decision making processes.

Noel Paschke

RDH, MS, ACTEON, Director of Clinical Education

This book highlights the importance that accurate CDT codes are the metrics for the dental industry. Learning to reformat how we concisely document from assessment to diagnosis, through treatment (ADPIED) will result in better overall health outcomes for patients. The Perio-Protocols guide is a great tool that assists professionals in developing these documentation skills in a systematic manner. Thank you Patti DiGangi for your time and efforts spent to elevate our profession!

Alison Stahl


Patti’s DentalCodeology books are essential guides for any dental professional from the clinical team to the business team. Patti makes the often-confusing information surrounding coding and dental treatments easily understandable so that teams can provide the best care to patients while increasing practice profitability. As dentistry embraces the various aspects of technology to improve patient care, metrics will become ever more important. Understanding the codes and how they measure the health of both patients and the practice is the first step in this process. Using Patti as a valuable resource, dental professionals have a front-row seat to improving their patients and their practice.

Ann-Marie DePalma

CDA, RDH, MEd, FADIA, FAADH, 2017 MCPHS/Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists - Esther Wilkins Distinguished Alumni, Recipient Continuing Education Presenter & Dental Hygiene Feature Writer, Technology Advisor - Patterson Dental

As our profession evolves, so do CDT Codes. It’s crucial for all dental team members to keep current with new and revised codes to stay up to date and code what they do. Patti DiGangi’s CDT 2018 Shifts is the go-to source to give us everything we need to stay informed. This book gives us the how, what, when, where and why on everything we need to know to document and bill correctly. This easy to follow guide demystifies new codes, such as the HbA1c code, and gives clear and concise descriptions on how to use the codes properly. This book is a fantastic resource for each member on the dental team!

Linda Straub-Bruce

RDH, BSEd, PHDHP, President-Elect of the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association, Inc., Office Manager, Educator & Author

As I read the text of this book it looks as if the XYZ committee is finally conceding that the body is attached to the mouth. Lip service aside, codes are the defining link between two of the big players in patient treatment. Next up, codes that define health and Patti DiGangi will be there to help that process get underway and stay on track. As my myofunctional practice grows the codes representing medicine, dentistry, and chiropractic will help track my patients journey to health. Thank you Ms. DiGangi for your solitary voice of reason in this overly complex system! Who knew we would ever get to say, yeah for gingivitis?

Shirley Gutkowski

RDH, BSDH Owner and Primary Practitioner of Primal Air, LLC OMT and Breathing Retraining

DentalCodeology “A Gingivitis Code Finally” is a magnificent guide to understanding the application of the new gingivitis code. This book clarifies the diagnosis and evaluation process framework for documentation and insurance submission flawlessly! It’s a “must read and keep handy” for every dental hygiensts, dentist, and office manager.

Carol Roszel

RDH, BSDH, President, NuDent Concepts, LLC

Patti DiGangi’s newest book Dentalcodeology- A Gingivitis Code Finally, gives dental professionals step by step guidance on when the new code for 2017, D4346 is appropriate in easy to understand language, and format.

Heidi Jenness


This little book clarifies the role of each team member and completes the practice flow. It’s a code that requires analytical thinking as well as using our scientific background. Documentation is imperative to properly adapt codes to diagnosis. The questions of when the examination is performed and type of documentation necessary are answered. Dentistry has changed and it’s a pleasure to see the progress. Bravo! Patti DIGangi for the insight.

Millie E. Thaw

RDH, BS, 2015 President of Dental Hygienists' Association of the City of New York, Technology Advisor, Patterson Dental

The dental workforce is changing, and new practice models are emerging. Add in disruptive teledentistry technology and we have a potential revolution on our hands. Patti DiGangi and Cindy Purdy’s book help clear the air and make complex legal and ethical issues understandable. They also provide several detailed pathways to setting up a safe and successful teledentistry practice.”-

Chris Salierno

DDS, Chief Editor, Dental Economics Editor, "DE's Principles of Practice Management" e-newsletter

DentalCodeology: Teledentistry Pathway to Prosperity – critical decisions workbook by Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS and Cindy Purdy RDH, BS is a fresh and proactive approach to innovation in dentistry. The format allows critical decision making that teledentistry opportunities present to the profession. The book allows for the opportunity to think outside the traditional box and is a great resource for any dental professional!

Natalie Kaweckyj

LDA, RF, CDA, CDPMA, COA, COMSA, CPFDA, CRFDA, MADAA, BA, 2017 - 2018 President, American Dental Assistants Association

I found the book to be on the cutting edge of knowledge as we move into the realm of teledentistry. It was informative of what we need to know and how to work with all dental and medical personnel for the benefit of our patients. All coding needed for teledentistry and any adjunct papers needed were provided. The authors didn’t miss anything to help us move forward in this World of teledentistry. Very well written.

Evelyn Kuryla


Teledentistry: Pathway to Prosperity gives valuable insight to the puzzle known as teledentistry. Patti shares ways it can be used to help improve equity of care and build dental practices. Cindy gives real-life examples of using teledentistry in different settings. If you want to learn more, this book is stuffed with the information you need!

Staci Stout

RDH, BSDH, Smart Smiles School-Based Oral Health Programs

I’ve been reading and re-reading sections. There’s a lot of valuable information within this book. All dental professionals will benefit from reading and implementing Teledentistry into their daily patient care. Finally, Teledentistry will assist merging medical and dental professionals to provide a comprehensive patient care treatment plan and improve patients long term health outcomes. I’m excited to share the Teledentistry concept to dental professionals.

Mary Millar


Teledentistry is already impacting dental care and creating exciting opportunities for dentists and hygienists. Providers who read and utilize the tools in Pathway to Prosperity will understand key teledentistry considerations and be able to build a roadmap for implementing this powerful technology in their practice.

Brant Herman

Founder & CEO MouthWatch, Intraoral Cameras and Visual Engagement Solutions

Everything you need to know about teledentistry in a very concise and informative manner. Simplifying the current ways to possibly institute this cutting-edge way to practice.

Marty Jablow

DMD, America's Dental Technology Coach, Cellerant Chief Development Office

If you want a new career direction or need to get a handle on the future of healthcare, this book is a must read from cover to cover. Finally a detailed guide for dental professionals who want to explore new career pathways using the power of teledentistry and accurate coding. Patti and Cindy have created a meticulous guide where clinicians can successfully go from the idea into actual implementation and achieve their dreams in a realistic way.

This workbook is proof of what happens when a futurist and a pragmatist combine their thoughts! Their passion for access to care, coupled with a palpable concern for career development, make this book an invaluable tool.

Anne N. Guignon